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Thunder City – Where Superheroes Fall In Love


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A Secret Love: Superhero Romance “Secrets” Series (Book 2)

Secrets, like lightning, can strike

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Dedicated to defending Thunder City, superhero Serena Jakes must work with the family of her ex-fiancé, Nik Blackwood, if she’s going to climb the ranks of Thunder City’s superhero community. Even worse, when her estranged sister sends a coded message begging for help, Nik’s younger brother, Alek, is the only one who steps up and offers his assistance.

Alek Blackwood fell in love with Serena the moment Nik introduced them. As Highlight, she has the ability to make sunlight dance at her fingertips, just like he has the ability to make lightning dance in the sky. Working with Serena over the years made him admire her for her dedication and loyalty to the superhero community. When Serena asks for aid, he knows this is the perfect time to show her he’s more than just Nik’s younger brother.

Alek risking his life for Serena’s family makes her see him in a new light. When the rescue takes a dangerous turn and the truth of long-buried emotions emerge, can Serena trust Alek with her heart? Or will the past come back to haunt them both?

Blood Hunter: Superhero Romance “Blood” Series (Book 2)

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Their love is written in blood.

Hannah and Scott return to Thunder City, their love stronger than ever. The Oversight Committee has other ideas, and decides the two alternative humans must be separated because they are too dangerous together.

Refusing to comply, Hannah and Scott go on the run again. For Hannah, help comes from a sympathetic doctor who understands her ability to heal and promises to protect her from the Committee. Scott discovers his own mentor, who uses live ammunition and a take-no-prisoners attitude with Scott’s translocation power.

Both of them flourish under their new trainers, until Hannah asks Scott to investigate a young boy with mysterious surgical scars. Scott’s mentor tells him to ignore the request, that preparing for the coming war with the Court of Blood is more important than the life of one insignificant boy.

Scott fears he’s losing Hannah to her mentor and a medical mystery — and worse, that’s he’s losing his own humanity to fight a ruthless enemy.

Hannah and Scott are rebels in a city that prizes law and order. They rescued each other from Star Haven’s nightmare quarry prison, but can they save each other from a tangled web of intrigue while the Court of Blood pulls the threads tighter?

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A Secret Rose: Superhero Romance “Secrets” Series (Book1)

*Winner – Maggie Award, Best Romantic Novella

* Winner Golden Leaf – Best Romance Novella

* 2nd Place New England Readers’ Choice Awards

* 3rd Place Prism Awards

Secrets, like roses, have thorns.

Nikolaos Blackwood swore he would bring to justice the drug dealer known as Dodger. As Ghost, one of Thunder City’s alternative human defenders, it was Nik’s responsibility to keep his high school classmates safe. That included notorious bad girl Daniella Rose. Ten years later, he needs to locate Daniella to deliver an urgent request from her estranged family.

Dr. Daniella Rose finally believes she can lead a normal, happy life and focus on her relationship with Nik Blackwood — the one man she’s always wanted but could never have. Now that she’s back in Thunder City, she’ll do anything to keep him — except reveal her hidden Alt ability to shapeshift into Dodger, a secret identity she killed before graduation.

When a drug lord from Dani’s past threatens Nik’s life, Dani knows she’ll have to resurrect Dodger to rescue her man, even if exposing her secret could cost her Nik’s love — and her life.


Blood Surfer – Superhero Romance “Blood” Series (Book 1)

Amazon US

*Winner  – National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award

Their destiny is written in blood

Welcome to Star Haven, where the police arrest and imprison alternative humans, if not execute them outright. When outlaw Hannah Quinn saves Officer Scott Grey’s life by bloodsurfing through his broken body, he winds up on the wrong side of the kill line.

Hannah blew any chance she had of escaping Star Haven when she chose to save Scott’s life. Scott has a reputation for killing Alts instead of arresting them. Now that she’s triggered his dormant Alt ability, he’s forced to go on the run with her until she can break his despised Alt power.

Suspicion dies hard after a lifetime of conditioning. Despite the threat to their lives, Hannah finds herself falling for the one man she can’t trust—and Scott falls for the woman who destroyed his life.

With love and mistrust at war in a city where betrayal can earn your freedom, will Hannah and Scott’s tenuous bond be enough to save them?

Valley of the Blind A Thunder City Short Story

Below the surface, wishes become nightmares.


Seeker’s extraordinary vision allows him to see the world layer by layer. When he peels back the layers of his own family however, he discovers secrets he wished he’d never learned. Soon after, he’s kidnapped by terrorists hell-bent on starting a war with Thunder City. They plan to use Seeker as the catalyst, the fall guy for a political assassination. Can Seeker use his vision to save Thunder City and himself before it’s too late?

Slow Burn A Thunder City Short Story

The vendetta of a lifetime will burn hotter if you mix it with water.

Spritz made headlines as child when the Happy Hooligan lured her into the woods on Halloween and terrorized her all night long. As an adult with the power to manipulate water, she’s become a formidable alternative human in her own right. When the Happy Hooligan returns to set the famous Thunder City boardwalk on fire, Spritz knows deep in her soul that his plans are more nefarious than watching the boardwalk burn. Stopping him will mean disobeying orders and could cost her the life she’s worked so hard to rebuild.

SLOW BURN final ebook

Still Life A Thunder City Short Story

When angels guide your hand, failure is not an option.

Still Life final ebook

Angels appear in Claire’s artwork, warning her of tragedies before they occur. Despite society’s belief that she’s crazy, Claire can’t turn her back on people who are in danger. When her angels warn her of a mass shooting about to happen, Claire risks her life to stop it, but will she have to give up her freedom forever to succeed?

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