Heroes of Thunder City

A Secret Life

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“In this third, but hopefully not last, installment of Debra Jess’s Thunder City series, the author doesn’t pull her punches when it comes to confronting issues such as the toxic effects of bullying and hatred. Both Gillian and Evan are hurting from their individual traumas, but their pasts are not an excuse for not doing the right thing when justice hangs in the balance. In the end, they need each other to heal each other first before they can confront the those who would kill them and everyone they love. I adored every page of this story and cannot wait until the next one. “
~Lasha, Amazon reviewer
Heroes of Thunder City

A Secret Life

He scorches the earth with lightning. She creates maelstroms from the bottom of the sea. When dark and light clash over a clandestine terrorist investigation, will the fallout destroy their only chance at love?

Gillian Sands hates normal humans on a good day, especially when they stare at her gills, but Evan Blackwood is not a Norm. She should have refused his offer to help her murder investigation, but doing so would only alienate her even more in a city where Evan is a celebrity. For now she has to hide her distrust of him and all Norms while she works.

Evan Blackwood knows Gillian Sands should let the police handle the crime scene, but how could he resist the opportunity to get closer to the mysterious beauty who spends most of her time underwater instead of dry land? All he has to do is clamp down hard to hide the vicious PTSD from his near-death experience after being caught in an inferno the day before.

When their investigation takes a deadly turn, the truths they’ve been hiding from each other explode. Evan must fight his fears to stop Gillian from pursuing vigilante justice, but Gillian is as stubborn as Evan is persistent.

Will Gillian’s rage overwhelm Evan’s trauma, or will Evan find his peace in time to save Thunder City and their love?

A Secret Life is the third thrilling novella in the Thunder City: Secrets dark paranormal romance series. If you like enemies-to-lovers, scorching-hot couples, and superpowered action, then you won’t be able to put down Debra Jess’s exciting romance.

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