Heroes of Thunder City

Blood Hunter

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“This is not your traditional romance: the characters love fast and furiously on the fringes of the action, taking what solace they can in between the necessary saving of the world. What I like is that the issues also follow social and political lines rather than focusing solely on the power villain set on taking over the world. “
~ Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, author of DOMNALL AND THE BORROWED CHILD
Heroes of Thunder City

Blood Hunter

New enemies. Shadowy threats. Will a supernatural takeover wreck their chances of reuniting?

Hannah Quinn yearns for control. Escaping to Thunder City, she does everything in her power to resist separating from the man she’s fallen for. But when the authorities corner them for arrest, she strikes a deal with a top-ranking official promising to rein in her wild abilities… and stay away from her partner.

Scott Grey is starting from scratch. Widely known as an Alt-killer, the former police officer agrees to train with a mysterious super soldier warning him of a looming war against a ruthless force. But with his talents not yet regulated, he fears he’ll sabotage his future with the woman he’s fighting for.

With Hannah’s reputation as a powerful healer spreading, she treads a dangerous path when her mentor’s bloodsurfing experiments grow increasingly precarious. And when their relationship suffers under pressures and secrets, Scott plunges into a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy them forever.

Will a corrupt system keep them divided, or can they stand strong together?

Blood Hunter is the high-octane second book in the Thunder City dark paranormal romance series. If you like diverse characters, fast-paced action, and shocking twists and turns, then you’ll adore Debra Jess’s thrilling page-turner.

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