Heroes of Thunder City

A Secret Rose

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“The most surprising / impressive aspect of this work is the manner in which the author plays around with gender roles, gender identities (secret and otherwise) and how those facets can interact. Jess makes a truly novel super-power for one of the characters and I was delighted to see how it all resolves in the end. Oh, yeah – there are some spicy parts as well. ; ) “
~ Chris Bauer, Amazon and Goodreads reviewer
Heroes of Thunder City

A Secret Rose

He can phase through walls. She shifted out of her dangerous past. But will buried secrets cost their lives… and love?

Nikolaos Blackwood has never forgotten the drug dealer that got away. When he tracks down the girl he couldn’t rescue in high school, the alternative human is delighted to find her just as beautiful and sassy as he remembers. And after asking his long-lost crush out to dinner and dancing, he’s elated when their night unfolds into passion.

Daniella Rose had no choice but to return. Forced to start over after being outed in a city that hates her kind, she finds a silver lining when she gets a second chance to capture Nik’s attention. But when she discovers a vicious drug lord from her past has been released from prison, she worries her gorgeous beau will catch wind that she’s the criminal’s next target.

Enraptured by his lover and her work with addiction, Nikolaos vows nothing will stand in his way of protecting her this time around. But with Daniella’s hidden power putting their lives at risk, the young shifter fears their chances of a future together are doomed.

Can this reunited pair keep perilous truths from tearing them apart?

A Secret Rose is the first riveting novella in the Thunder City: Secret dark paranormal romance series. If you like captivating characters, red-hot reunions, and superheroic action, then you’ll adore Debra Jess’s steamy treat.

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