Cat's Paw Cove #28

Beauty and the Beach

Bound by Magic, Freed by Love. Have you ever dreamed of being stranded on a paradise island? Dive into Beauty & the Beach, and discover the secrets of Lighthouse Island, where cats talk, sprites play, and romance awaits.
Debuts June 24th!

Beauty and the Beach

Bound by magic, freed by love.

Sera Dayan arrives on Lighthouse Island to test a beach cleaner that will revolutionize the way Cat’s Paw Cove keeps its beaches pristine. Trouble is, the tests must happen in secret or Sera risks tipping off her increasingly violent ex-mentor, who wants nothing more than to steal her invention and ruin her reputation. When the machine malfunctions, she fears her time has run out.

Dustin Trewen has been marooned on Lighthouse Island since 1645 when he survived the wreck of The Guinevere. To save his life, the magical sprites bound him to the island. If he tries to leave, the spell yanks him back. Ever since then, Dustin has played cat and mouse with the island’s security guards who would force him to leave. Technology, however, isn’t on Dustin’s side. Some day the guards will find his hiding place. If they arrest him, the island’s magic will kill them before they reach the mainland and he’d have their deaths on his conscience.

When a strange mechanical contraption breaks on his beach, Dustin comes to the rescue of its beautiful owner. If she can create such a machine, surely she can help break the magic spell and free him from the island. Enthralled by the mysterious and handsome man, Sera agrees to help him once her robot is running again. But when her mentor finds her too soon, she is faced with an impossible decision—flee the island to save her life’s work or stay to help the one man who believes in her and her dreams.

Together they can outwit her pursuer, but can the magic of love overcome the sprites’ spell?