Heroes of Thunder City

A Secret Love

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“An excellent addition to the Thunder City series. If you enjoy superheroes and romance paired with mystery, intrigue, and excellent writing, you should not only get THIS title, but all of Jess’ work.  “
~Gary Henderson, Amazon and Goodreads reviewer
Heroes of Thunder City

A Secret Love

He rocks the skies with thunder. She’s a one-woman army who commands the light. When a desperate plea for help triggers a trap, will their past traumas lead to their deaths?

When Alek Blackwood discovers that his long-time secret crush has a missing younger sister, he cannot refuse her request for help. Alek would do anything for Serena Jakes…except confess his trauma over a previous botched mission that resulted in the deaths of innocents.

Serena Jakes has no time for awkward feelings when she asks her ex-fiancé’s scorchingly-hot younger brother for assistance. She’s known Alek for years, but now she’s noticing a lot more than just his slow smile and rock-steady support.

Alek vows to do whatever is necessary to help Serena find her sister even if it means confronting some hard truths about himself. But when the complicated rescue results in capture, Alek and Serena may never have the chance to confess their love.

Can this superpowered pair outwit their captors before they die?

A Secret Love is the second explosive novella in the Thunder City: Secrets dark paranormal romance series. If you like mesmerizing characters, blistering-hot lovers, and superpowered action, then you won’t be able to put down Debra Jess’s slow burn romance.

Buy A Secret Love and embrace the danger today!