Tomorrow Will Be Brighter – Now Available

Borscht Belt meets the Kuiper Belt when former matchmaker and recent widow, Captain Levine, sets out across the galaxy to deliver cargo to her new fiance, Doctor Katzen (Of course, the veterinarian doesn’t know he’s her new fiance yet, but she’s already made up his mind for him). Along the way, she not quite accidentally runs blockade and finds herself a prisoner of Jahuul Empire. The Prince in charge decides to make Levine one of his dancing girls, of which he has a collection. Never let it be said Levine can’t talk her way out of any situation. She strikes a deal with the Prince: If she finds him his one true match in three days he’ll let her go. If she fails, he’ll can keep Levine as one of his dancing girls forever. Does the Prince really think he stands a chance?

Heart’s Kiss Magazine‘s April-May issue is out today with my second short story sale: TOMORROW WILL BE BRIGHTER! I wrote this story a couple of years ago and I’m so happy that it finally found a home.

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Shaped By You – Now Available

Heart's Kiss
Heart’s Kiss

When Miriam sculpted The Perfect Man, she intended for him to stay put. Now he’s missing, putting her future as an independent artist in jeopardy. Figures that she couldn’t even get her Perfect Man to stay with her, never mind her ex-boyfriend. Now she has to figure out what to do with the naked stranger who’s suddenly appeared in her loft, claiming he can help her find her Perfect Man.

Heart’s Kiss Magazine‘s
holiday special issue is out today with my first short story sale: SHAPED BY YOU! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! There are so many other amazing authors in this issue including Susan Donovan, Christine Feehan, and Anthea Lawson!

Blood Hunter: Superhero Romance “Blood”      Series (Book 2)

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Their love is written in blood.

Hannah and Scott return to Thunder City, their love stronger than ever. The Oversight Committee has other ideas, and decides the two alternative humans must be separated because they are too dangerous together.

Refusing to comply, Hannah and Scott go on the run again. For Hannah, help comes from a sympathetic doctor who understands her ability to heal and promises to protect her from the Committee. Scott discovers his own mentor, who uses live ammunition and a take-no-prisoners attitude with Scott’s translocation power.

Both of them flourish under their new trainers, until Hannah asks Scott to investigate a young boy with mysterious surgical scars. Scott’s mentor tells him to ignore the request, that preparing for the coming war with the Court of Blood is more important than the life of one insignificant boy.

Scott fears he’s losing Hannah to her mentor and a medical mystery — and worse, that’s he’s losing his own humanity to fight a ruthless enemy.

Hannah and Scott are rebels in a city that prizes law and order. They rescued each other from Star Haven’s nightmare quarry prison, but can they save each other from a tangled web of intrigue while the Court of Blood pulls the threads tighter?

$0.99 Sale – Blood Surfer

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Best Romantic Novella

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You won’t be able to escape the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS.

FeaturingBLOOD & ARMOR 
by Debra Jess
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#1 on Amazon

From between the cracks of imagination, among the splinters of the unknown, and upon the winds of mystery, lurk the Fragments of Darkness. With legends of killer mermaids to tales of Civil War era ghosts, ten passionate story-tellers come together to bring you yarns of fantasy, paranormal, and chills and thrills that will entertain, intrigue, and enchant young adult and new adult readers.


Sarah’s vision of a perfect life is inside the online role-playing game,
Battle Guards of the Northern Kingdoms. Battle Guards, however, is about to be shut down by the company that owns it. With less than two hours of game time left, a mysterious player tells Sarah there is a way to save the game. Sarah knows better than to trust a stranger, especially a stranger who hides behind an avatar, but wouldn’t it be worth the risk if it meant she could save a world more real to her than her home?

Debra Jess, Science Fiction Romance Author