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Risk. Reward. Romance.™

Brand new science fiction romance series debuting August 4, 2020!

Meet the Heroes of Andromeda:

Andromeda's Rebel (Book 1): They took the sky from her, and her memory,
but no one could take away her rebellious spirit.
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Where to find me in 2020

Coastal Magic Con, February 20-23, Daytona Beach, FL

Indie Book Fest, August 27-30, 2020, Orlando, FL


Cover Reveal – A Secret Life (Book 3)

February 14, 2020

Secrets, like sharks, can kill.

Gillian Sanders prefers to swim beneath the surface of Mystic Bay, rather than live on land where no one sees her as a human because of her gills. However, vengeance for the dead refugees after the latest terrorist attack on Thunder City brings her out of the water. Despite working with the Thunder City defenders, she’s willing to break the law to get justice, and not even playboy superhero Evan Blackwood can stop her.

Evan Blackwood has had his sights on Gillian for years because of her renegade spirit, killer body, and passion for life. When Gillian asks for his help with her investigation, he jumps at the opportunity to prove that he’s more than just the womanizer everyone sees in the newspapers.

As their investigation brings them closer to danger, Gillian begins to see underneath the facade Evan shows the world. When morals are tested and desire burns bright between them, can Evan stop Gillian from breaking the law, or will he lose her forever to the depths of Mystic Bay?

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Secrets, like lightning, can strike.

Book 2 in the Thunder City “Secrets” Series!

Dedicated to defending Thunder City, superhero Serena Jakes must work with the family of her ex-fiancé, Nik Blackwood, if she’s going to climb the ranks of Thunder City’s superhero community. Even worse, when her estranged sister sends a coded message begging for help, Nik’s younger brother, Alek, is the only one who steps up and offers his assistance.

Alek Blackwood fell in love with Serena the moment Nik introduced them. As Highlight, she has the ability to make sunlight dance at her fingertips, just like he has the ability to make lightning dance in the sky. Working with Serena over the years made him admire her for her dedication and loyalty to the superhero community. When Serena asks for aid, he knows this is the perfect time to show her he’s more than just Nik’s younger brother.

Alek risking his life for Serena’s family makes her see him in a new light. When the rescue takes a dangerous turn and the truth of long-buried emotions emerges, can Serena trust Alek with her heart? Or will the past come back to haunt them both?

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