Book I Blood Surfer

She’s running for her life. He hates what she’s unleashed in him. Will their search for asylum end in doom or devotion?

Hannah Quinn doesn’t have anyone left to trust. Desperately evading her tyrannical mother’s grasp, the secretly Alternative Human is tired of letting her healing abilities be used for her cruel parent’s gain. But when an infamous Alt-killing policeman is flung out of a helicopter, her quick decision to save him puts her own life on the line.


Book I Andromeda’s Rebel

They took the sky from her, and her memory, but no one could take away her rebellious spirit.

Mind-wiped and implanted with a death collar in case she should get out of line, Manitac’s corporate flunkies told Tamarja Chase that love could never be a part of her new life. . .


Borscht Belt meets the Kuiper Belt when former matchmaker and recent widow.

Captain Levine, sets out across the galaxy to deliver cargo to her new fiancé, Doctor Katzen (who doesn’t know he’s her fiancé yet because she’s made up his mind for him. Won’t he be surprised?). Along the way, she not quite accidentally runs blockade and finds herself a prisoner of Jahuul Empire…


Ring Ma Bell

In 1979, Michael Bell fell in love with high seas radio technician Dvorah Levi’s voice as she guided him to safety, but their marriage was cut short by a bullet.

Forty years later, Dvorah still mourns him. Can a special holiday and a magical Sherwood cat bring him back?