Debra Jess Advance Reader Team

Thanks for your interest in joining my Advance Reader Team. Before you sign up, here’s some information on how things work.

UntitledAn Advance Reader is an individual who volunteers to read and review an author’s books. Advance review copies, also called ARCs, are provided free of charge to these select individuals before the scheduled release in exchange for an honest review at online retailers such as Amazon and iBooks, as well as reader groups such as Goodreads and Shelfari. Review copies may also be distributed after a book has been released. (If you’d like more information on how to write a review, click here for helpful tips.)

Reviews are critically important for many reasons: they help other readers discover new authors and books, they help authors qualify for advertising and promotional opportunities, and they boost books’ visibility by moving them higher on rankings and lists.

Advance Reader Teams are a win-win situation for everyone. Readers are the first to enjoy new releases from their favorite authors at no cost while authors gain much needed support and enthusiasm in launching their books.

If you’d like to join my Advance Reader Team, there are just two requirements: you should enjoy science fiction, fantasy and romance books, and you must post a review within one week of the book’s release.  You are not obligated to read and review every book. I will send out an invitation when ARCs are available and provide them only to the readers who request a copy.

If you’d like more information or are ready to join, just fill out the form below. I’ll follow up as soon as I can.

Again, thanks for your interest in my fiction. I wish you many happy hours of reading!

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Debra Jess, Science Fiction Romance Author