MEOWS AND MISTLETOE – A Holiday Anthology

Eight holiday tales in the magical town of Cat’s Paw Cove

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Rone Awards

Featuring RING MA BELL by Debra Jess

In 1979, Michael Bell fell in love with high seas radio technician Dvorah Levi's voice as she guided him to safety, but their marriage was cut short by a bullet. Forty years later, Dvorah still mourns him. Can a special holiday and a magical Sherwood cat bring him back?

This story was heartbreaking and redemptive all at once. I have rarely felt such strong emotions from a cozy story before.
It was sweet and enduring. ~Elysian Fields, Amazon & Goodreads reviewer.

Curious Fictions has closed. Debra Jess is searching for a new home for her free short stories. Links will be added once they are available


Captain Levine set out across the galaxy to deliver cargo to her new fiancé. Instead she finds herself a prisoner of a fiendish Prince of the Jahuul Empire. He decides to make Levine one of his dancing girls. Levine strikes a deal: she’ll find him his one true match in three days or he can keep her forever.


When Miriam sculpted The Perfect Man, she intended for him to stay put. Now he's missing, putting her future as an independent artist in jeopardy. Figures that she couldn't even get her Perfect Man to stay with her, never mind her ex-boyfriend. Now she has to figure out what to do with the naked stranger who's suddenly appeared in her loft, claiming he can help her find her Perfect Man.


It's all fun and games until the game shuts down.

Featuring the First Chapter of Blood Surfer For Free



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