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#1LineWed roundup

I’ve been posting pretty regularly for RWA’s Kiss of Death chapter’s #1LineWed round up. I decided to pull out a few of my favorite lines, you know – the ones that make stop, scratch my head and say “I really wrote that?” (but in a good way).

  • His answer stoked the fire burning her last nerve, but she had enough control now to keep her mouth shut.

  • Just her luck, the Left Fists had decided to drop their latest kill right on her hideout. Now she was going to have to run for it.

  • Sky blue eyes looked up as if he had heard her just fine the first time, but hadn’t wanted his train of thought interrupted.

  • She’d just started painting the sleek lines of the ferry when the first angel appeared fluttering down from the clouds to the hull.

  • Her body faded into a vague outline of a disheveled goddess with bright eyes looking at him like the Cheshire cat spying its prey.

  • “Oh, honey, I’m just getting warmed up. Don’t tell me you’re done for the night.”

If you’re keeping up with the Thunder City series, can you identify which stories these lines come from?

Devil’s in the Details

3d render book whiteThis is a quasi- A Secret Rose post/Top Five post. A few smidgy things that I had to decide on while I was writing. A Secret Rose.

What sort of bouquet would Nik bring Dani on their first date? Roses would be too heavy. Nothing white, because marriage is the last thing from his mind, and nothing red because he doesn’t know he’s in love yet. Dani looks delicate. Of course, looks are deceiving, but I figured pastel colors would be the way for Nik to work his way into Dani’s heart. What sort of pastel flowers do you think are in the bouquet?

What sort of wardrobe does both Dani & Nik wear? I mention that Dani favors pencil skirts. They can be both sexy and work appropriate depending on what sort of top is worn with it. Nik favors three-piece suits. He doesn’t even realize it until Dani points it out to him.

What sort of cars do Dani & Nik drive. Well, Nik does drive, or so he claims, but not often. I never did figure out what sort of car he owned. Maybe I’ll know by the time Blood Hunter debuts. Dani drives a compact coupe. I tend to shy away from naming brands in my books, so I’ll let you decide on the brand. What sort of compact coupe would a sexy siren like Dani drive?

Dani orders a Reuben sandwich, which isn’t exactly diet friendly. Where does she put all of those calories? Does it have something to do with her superpower? I’ll let you figure that one out.

Dani favors action movies, but I don’t specify which ones. I figure she’s watching superhero movies during her movie marathon – I know, how meta is that? My vote – Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Man of Steel. Which superhero movies do you think she’s watching?

Book Obsessed Babes Recap

Photo Credit-Charlee Allden

This blog post sort of got buried under all of the activity surrounding the release of Still Life. With Still Life in the wild, I can talk about what a wonderful time I had at this event. Though only one day, if you don’t count the author reception the night before, I met so many passionate authors and readers I can’t even count the number on my fingers and toes.

My My roommate for the event, Charlee Allden, was there to show off her books: Deadly Lover and Stealing Mercury.

I shared a table with historical romance author, Madeline Martin (who showed me the proper way to eat avocados – I now keep avocados in my fridge for snacking). She’s the author of Scottish historical romances such as Enchantment of a Highlander.

Marie Long seems to be following me from event to event. This was what? the fourth event we’ve had together? She writes the contemporary, new adult books Scarred, Scratched, and Scorned.

And then there was Abigail Sharpe. Abigail was a volunteer at the event and not there to sell her books (not that this should stop you from buying Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy or Who Wants to Marry a Doctor). Instead of standing in the corner and waiting for me to flag her down and beg for a glass of water, she picked up a stack of Blood Surfers and handed them out to everyone who crossed her path (I was giving my books away for free this weekend). Seriously, Abigail knows how to sell. Don’t get in her way, don’t try and stop her.

Love Between the Covers

I had the privilege of watching the LBTC documentary with a handful of fellow FCRW members at the main branch of the Orlando Public Library. The documentary looks at the publishing industry from the viewpoint of romance authors and publishers. From the very beginning you witness the pride and the passion romance authors bring to their stories, to their fans, and to each other. The Romance Writers of America helped fund this documentary to add to the growing body of professional literature supporting romance as a genre and romance authors such as myself.

You won’t find a lot of graphs and statistics in this film. You can find that information on the RWA website. What you will find here are the personalities behind the stories we love so much. Here are a few quotes (out of so many – it’s hard to pick just a few)

Jayne Anne Krentz: “I believe it is in popular fiction that we preserve our culture’s core values. And that’s why it survives. We need it.”

Sarah Wendell: “This is the one place where you will find women’s sexuality treated fairly and positively.”

Len Barot (Radclyffe/L.L. Raand): “Fiction is not real and it’s not supposed to be. Fiction is a dream. Fiction is a desire. Fiction is hope.”

Eloisa James: “Romance is one of the very few meritocracies left…Any woman sitting at her table can look at this book and say I can do it and what’s more I can do it really well. I can be Nora Roberts. Nora Roberts just had her two kids, there was a snowstorm, she sat down, she started writing. Now she owns two mountains.”

This documentary is being screened all over the country. If you have an opportunity to watch it, please do. You will not be disappointed.

Book Signing LBTC

State of the Writer Report

PencilWhat? It’s been how long since I posted a SotWR? Oh, right, too long. Well, I won’t make you wait any longer.


I’ve decided to self-publish my novels. I’ve run out of patience with traditional publishing, so I’m in the middle of making lists (and lists of lists). At the moment, I’m focusing on the Thunder City series. This is my superhero romance beginning with my Golden Pen Award winning-manuscript: Blood Surfer. After Blood Surfer I have a series of short stories from the same universe (Valley of the Blind, Slow Burn, and Still Life)  which will be published every other month followed by Blood Hunter. I hope to get the ball rolling by July.

Social Media Links

If you want to keep up with my publishing schedule, you can follow me in several different places:

Who I Follow

Part of my housekeeping list this year is to reconsider how I follow people on social media. Not necessarily unfollowing them, but considering if it’s necessary to follow them across all platforms. It’s too easy to find yourself bombarded with too many duplicate messages.

So I’m taking a look at who I follow and asking myself four questions:

  • What is this person saying? Who I Follow
  • Is it useful or fun for me to read?
  • Is it the same message, but altered between one platform and another?
  • Do they say it better in 140 characters or in multiple paragraphs?

After I answer these questions, I’ll consolidated a lot of my followers. It should (in theory) make my dashboard/stream/timelines much easier to follow. It will also give me a better chance of interacting with the people I follow and who follow me.

Taking Stock

Taking StockHas it really been more than a month since New Year’s? I guess it has. So where am I?

I’ve started a new novel. A sequel actually. My first sequel, which is proving to be a challenge. How much backstory to include? What to leave out? How do I push the characters forward? I love a challenge, even when it makes me want to rip my hair out.

Short story #3 in my collection of short stories needs more editing. Will get on that as soon as I get a larger grip on the novel.

Research: I took a glance at what I researched last year. What was I thinking?

• Chemical analysis of H3
• Autopsies
• Art equipment
• Construction of a ferry landing
• Anatomy
• 16th Century Venice
• Spider Silk

All of these topics will be used in at least one of my novels. You get to learn what goes where as the books are published.

“But Debra,” I hear you cry. “When are you going to publish those books?” All I can say right now is nothing is going to happen until I get back from Paradise Lost Writer’s Retreat in May. After that, I’ll have more information to share.

For now it’s all about getting my butt in the chair and keeping my fingers on the keyboard.

Happy Holidays

DJ 1As my own holiday is winding down, I want to wish everyone who celebrates this time of year a lovely, safe, and delicious holiday. While I’ve had my fill of latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts), I’ve been thinking about what a crazy, busy, and productive year it’s been.

The writer in me tries to retreat during the last weeks of the year. It’s the best time for me to hunker down and Write All The Stories. Yet, I’m blessed to have close friends who poke and prod and provide me with opportunities to raise my head above the waves of words so I can visit and enjoy and ring in the new year with those I care about.

To all my friends and fellow writers, I wish nothing but the best for all of you for 2015!

State of the Writer Report

Lots of good stuff happening right now!

1. I’m all registered for the Paradise Lost Writers Workshop. This is a sequel to the Viable Paradise Writers Workshop I attended two (gasp!) years ago. (has it already been two years?). It was started by my friend and fellow VP grad Sean Patrick Kelley, who I interviewed a few months ago. This years professional staff includes: Chuck Wendig, Delilah S. Dawson, and Robert Jackson Bennett. My heart is filled with so much squee about this.

2. I also finished proofreading my assigned sections of Lightspeed Magazine’s “Women Destroy Fantasy” special issue. Another amazing issue chock full of great stories all written by women authors.

3. I’ve finished another story for the Tales from Thunder City short story collection and started a new one. All of these stories take place in the Bloodsurfer universe. I hope to have these published at the same time as Bloodsurfer. We’ll see what happens there.