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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost 5One of the disappointments of Viable Paradise  is that it’s a one and done workshop. You can never go back again. Luckily, my friend Sean Patrick Kelly  has created Paradise Lost, a more advanced writers workshop that authors can attend over and over again. Which is great because I only got to see a fraction of the sites San Antonio has to offer. Yes, I made it to the Alamo and sampled the restaurants along the Riverwalk and went shopping for cowboy boots, but I wanted to see more!

Paradise Lost allows authors to choose their own experience: the critique track or the retreat track. I opted for the critique track which included two group crit sessions, one with Chuck Wendig  and one with Delilah S. Dawson.  The creativity and energy flowed throughout both groups where problems were discussed, fixes suggested,  and ideas pitched.

Chuck, Delilah, and Robert Jackson Bennett also presented lectures on everything from plot and theme, to How to Write a Sex Scene   (the last one prefaced with shots of White Russian because you can’t write a sex scene while completely sober). We also had the unofficial addition of Marko Kloos  offering us his story of Manny the Manuscript and how he became a successful self-published author.

I between lectures, I hung out in the con suite where I swapped crits with other classmates, hung out to chat, and played Cards Against Humanity. All too soon is was over and time for tearful goodbyes. At least this time, it’s not permanent. I’m going back next year, so San Antonio better be ready for me!

Workshop Prep or The Art of Packing

I tried, I really did, to get all of my clothes packed into the mid-sized suitcase I bought myself this summer when I had back-to-back conventions to attend. I thought, foolishly, that because I wasn’t bringing any fancy “professional” clothes to Viable Paradise that I could squish neatly fold all of my clothes tightly enough so everything would fit. After fifteen years in Florida, however, I’d forgotten how much extra space winter clothes use. My winter coat? Not even going to bother, even though I’ll probably regret that decision. Current forecasts show the temperature is going to plummet twenty degrees and it’s going to rain on Sunday, when I have to take the ferry to the Island. ::sigh:: So I’m bringing the Great Grape Suitcase with me.

I also test packed the Great Grape Backpack for all of my electronics. So the backpack will be heavier than my suitcase, but at least everything fits. I also tested my new digital recorder and it works quite nicely.

My flight leaves at the crack of dawn. You probably won’t see a whole lot of Tweeting or Facebooking from me until then. Wish me luck!