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New Toy!

New Toy
New Toy

I have a shiny new toy! With a little hand holding from my friends, I now own a MacBook Air. I actually planned to get the iPad Air 2, but seeing the two side by side and my friends explaining all the limitations of the iPad (like not being able to open two windows at the same time) I decided the 11″ MB Air was the better choice. Not a moment too soon. Though I dearly love my MacBook Pro, it’s eight years old and the keyboard doesn’t work. Apple won’t fix it because it’s “vintage”. I tried to explain to the cutie behind the Genius bar that I’m not old enough to own anything vintage. He didn’t believe me. I’m not switching it out just yet, but I think there may a larger screen in my future.

So, now that I own a new computer, what apps do I need for the full experience? C’mon interwebs…help a gal out here.

I’m not paranoid

The tech bugs really are out to get me. First my car pulls a Stephen King: every time I opened the door it would blare the alarm and kill the engine (Steal my own car? Srsly?). Then my web site crashed, burned, and kicked me offline for a week. I vanquished those first two problems. Now I’m waiting for the third shoe to drop.

Nothing else to do, but keep on writing, keep on writing, keep on writing.