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Release Day! Slow Burn

SLOW-BURN-Draft1Slow Burn is the second short story in my Thunder City series. These  short stories give readers a peek into the background and private lives of some of the alternative humans you’ll read about in Blood Surfer.

Valley of the Blind was the first story in the series, featuring fan favorite Seeker.

Slow Burn delves into the life of Spritz, a water manipulator admired by Hannah in Blood Surfer.

Still Life, a short story about Claire, an artist who receives messages from angels, will be released in March.

Here’s an excerpt from Slow Burn. Enjoy!

Three months before the events in Blood Surfer.
Heat seared Spritz’s lungs as she sprayed water from her hands over the fire  hell-bent on scorching her and her partner. On the other side of the ferry terminal, Cobalt created fire retardant foam from the elements found in her body and shot the thick mixture along the flaming north wall.
Not today, you son-of-a-bitch. You’re not killing anyone today.
A snap louder than a flashbang broke her concentration. A ceiling support beam snapped. The jagged end, still on fire, tumbled down toward her partner’s head.
“Cover! Cover! Cover!” Spritz shouted into her com unit.
Cobalt crouched, covering her hands with her body as Spritz aimed a cannonball of water at the falling beam, slamming the wood into what was left of the ticket counter. Cobalt kept herself curled as water rained on her back.
“Clear!” Spritz shouted, turning back to the fire on her side of the terminal. Cobalt would have to wait until she was sure her hands wouldn’t get wet. In order to create fire retardant, Cobalt needed to pull and multiply the potassium from her own body. Raw potassium and water should never mix.

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Release Day! Valley of the Blind

Valley of the Blind
Valley of the Blind

Do you remember Seeker from Blood Surfer? The cute guy with the solid black eyes who chats up Hannah in the Arena and later helps Scott find Hannah with his super vision? InValley of the Blind, you find out how Seeker became a hero before he joined T-CASS. Valley of the Blind is the first short story in the Tales from Thunder City series. Here’s a teaser for you:

“I have a brother.” He scrolled through the report too numb to think, to wonder. His throat closed over his words. “A younger brother. They kept him but tossed me.”

“I know it’s not the answer you wanted.” Mister E had said, coming around to sit on the corner of the desk, his fingers stroking his goatee. “Is there anything I can do?”

Asher read the words, but he couldn’t think through the punch of bitterness. “Is he like me? Is he an Alt?”

“I doubt it,” Mister E had said. “He has albinism like you. If they put you up for adoption because of your Alt ability, it’s more than likely the would have done the same with him.”

“But you can’t be sure.”

Mister E hesitated. “No — but Asher, he’s fifteen. Almost three years younger than you. If he were an alternative human, his power would have manifested by now. Someone would have noticed.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Asher slammed closed his laptop. He was one of the few Alts who couldn’t hide his differences as easily as the others. Without his special glasses, everyone could see the black ichor in his eye sockets instead of normal human eyes. Other Alts could hide their ability. Mr. E could turn invisible, but how would anyone know unless they actually saw him do it? “We need to find out before the Alt-ban goes into effect.”

“Don’t use your brother as an excuse to cross the Bay.” The investigator’s sympathetic gaze turned hard. “If you’re caught in Star Haven after midnight, T-CASS and Thunder City won’t save you. They won’t break Star Haven’s law because you had to satisfy a hunch.”

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Cover Reveal: Valley of the Blind

Remember Seeker from Blood Surfer? Well, he has his own story. Actually, Valley of the Blind is Seeker’s back story. It seems that before he joined T-CASS, Seeker became a hero. Who knew? Well, now you do and you can learn more about Seeker before he became Seeker. This short story is a fast-paced thriller you will enjoy just as much as Blood Surfer and it’ll be available on November 10th.

3dBelow the surface, wishes become nightmares.

Seeker’s extraordinary vision allows him to see the world layer by layer. When he peels back the layers of his own family however, he discovers secrets he wished he’d never learned. Soon after, he’s kidnapped by terrorists hell-bent on starting a war with Thunder City. They plan to use Seeker as the catalyst, the fall guy for a political assassination.  Can Seeker use his vision to save Thunder City and himself before it’s too late?

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