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New Interview at Whiskey with My Books

I have a guest blog post over at Whiskey with My Books. I talk about writing Blood Surfer and my new novella, A Secret Rose. 
WWMB is also hosting all of the other Prism Award Finalists so you can read their interviews as well.
If you’re looking for even more science fiction romances to read this summer, try Portals volume 1 and Portals volume 2. Portals is a project published for FREE by the Science Fiction Romance Brigade featuring the first chapers of SFRB members’  books. If you like what you read, please consider buying the book (and don’t forget to leave a review).

Unrealiable Narrators Podcast – Featuring Me!

The hosts of the Unrealiable Narrators podcast invited me to participate in their “New Books from New Writers” series. Not only do you get to hear me talk about the beginnings of Blood Surfer and the Thunder City series, but you get to hear the sound of my voice. Also, there are shout outs to my RWA peeps and the Science Fiction Romance Brigade. You can find the podcast here:

Unrealiable Narrators – 15.2 – New Books from New Writers: Debra Jess

​If the sound of my voice doesn’t make you run screaming from the room (or maybe because you love to run screaming from the room – who am I to judge), please feel free to share the link.

Also, you will hear me refer to a new novella I’ll be putting out this summer as part of the Thunder City series. In the podcast, I refer to it as Dodger, but the title has changed to ​A Secret Rose. I’ll have more to say about this story very, very soon.

Happy New Year!

Today, my Viable Paradise classmate, roommate, and friend, Dawn Bonanno has featured me and four other published novelist who graduated from VP Class XVI on her blog today. Click on over and meet Camille Griep (Letters to Zell), Alison McMahan (The Saffron Crocus), Lauren Roy (Night Owls), and Tamara MacNeil (A Fine Romance).
But before you go – applications for Viable Paradise open today. If you’re a writer of Science Fiction (including Science Fiction Romance), Fantasy (including Urban Fantasy), or Horror, apply to Viable Paradise. You won’t regret it, I promise.
Viable Paradise

Drinking with Superheroes

Steal the SkyMegan E. O’Keefe, Writer of the Future winner and author of Steal the Sky, is doing a blog series called “Drinks with Characters”.

This is the sort of prompt I love. Who wouldn’t want to speculate about what your favorite superheroes drink at the end of a long day of rescuing cats out of trees and stopping the devilish antics of their super villains.

So hop on over the Megan’s website and find out what Captain Spectacular and the rest of Blackwood family drink when they’re not patrolling Thunder City.

Click here: http://meganokeefe.com/2015/10/08/drinks-with-characters-debra-jess-is-drinking-with-superheroes/

Dawn Bonanno interviews Debra Jess

I’ve talked about Viable Paradise before on this blog. It’s probably the most grueling writers workshop you can survive with and still keep a smile on your face. My roommate, Dawn Bonanno (author of numerous short stories) decided to interview me about Blood Surfer. Dawn knows me well enough to know what type of questions will get me babbling. So if you want to know more about Blood Surfer here’s the interview you won’t want to miss! Click HERE.