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Devil’s in the Details

3d render book whiteThis is a quasi- A Secret Rose post/Top Five post. A few smidgy things that I had to decide on while I was writing. A Secret Rose.

What sort of bouquet would Nik bring Dani on their first date? Roses would be too heavy. Nothing white, because marriage is the last thing from his mind, and nothing red because he doesn’t know he’s in love yet. Dani looks delicate. Of course, looks are deceiving, but I figured pastel colors would be the way for Nik to work his way into Dani’s heart. What sort of pastel flowers do you think are in the bouquet?

What sort of wardrobe does both Dani & Nik wear? I mention that Dani favors pencil skirts. They can be both sexy and work appropriate depending on what sort of top is worn with it. Nik favors three-piece suits. He doesn’t even realize it until Dani points it out to him.

What sort of cars do Dani & Nik drive. Well, Nik does drive, or so he claims, but not often. I never did figure out what sort of car he owned. Maybe I’ll know by the time Blood Hunter debuts. Dani drives a compact coupe. I tend to shy away from naming brands in my books, so I’ll let you decide on the brand. What sort of compact coupe would a sexy siren like Dani drive?

Dani orders a Reuben sandwich, which isn’t exactly diet friendly. Where does she put all of those calories? Does it have something to do with her superpower? I’ll let you figure that one out.

Dani favors action movies, but I don’t specify which ones. I figure she’s watching superhero movies during her movie marathon – I know, how meta is that? My vote – Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Man of Steel. Which superhero movies do you think she’s watching?

Pixels Galore!


So now that I have my MacBook Air, I’ve suddenly become a ebook magnet. I’ve purchased maybe a dozen ebooks before now, but only because they were only available electronically. And I had to read them on my not-very-smart-very-tiny-screen phone. So here’s the list of my new ebooks (in no particular order):

What ebooks are you reading right now? What’s in your electronic “to be read” list? I need recommendations!

I’ve Gone to the Dark Side

Over the weekend I downloaded my first ebooks to my Kindle app. I had avoided the whole ebook craze with a multitude of excuses: eReaders are too expensive, they’re not advanced enough, they’re too complicated, I spend all day reading on computers at work. That all came crashing to an end when I visited several bookstores trying to get my hands on Diane Burke’s new release Silent Witness. Could. Not. Find. It. So very not happy with that situation, so I considered my options. I’m still not ready for a full fledged eReader, so I downloaded the Kindle app to my smartphone.

Of course, once I did that, the floodgates opened. Not only can I now get Silent Witness, I can get all of Barb & J.C. Hendee’s Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga which are only available as ebooks. I absolutely adore the Noble Dead Saga, though I confess I’m behind. I haven’t started Between Their Worlds, even though I’ve owned it since March.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more books to buy!