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Contests I’ve finaled in and awards my books have won.

Blood Surfer is a Winner!

nerfabadgewinnerBLOOD SURFER has won the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award – Paranormal and Futuristic category. I’m so happy that a story that started out as a whim has gone the distance and won first place. I owe a huge thank you to everyone at VCRW and FCRW who have supported me (looking at Jan Jackson, Carla Mueller, and Abigail Sharpe, among others), Viable Paradise Class XVI (you know who you are) my editor Dr. Debra Doyle, my cover designers at Deranged Doctor Design, and Cliff at Cliff’s Books.

Let’s all head on over to the NERFA page at First Coast Romance Writers and show all the winners some love.

2016 Maggie Awards

Finalist PNR pubI’d been so busy prepping for the release of A Secret Rose that this
is first opportunity I’ve had to write up a blog post about the Maggie
Awards. As I said previously on social media, Blood Surfer has finaled in the Maggies in the Paranormal/Fantasy category. I’m beside myself with incredulity. When I first started submitting Blood Surfer to all of these contests, I figured I was a long shot no matter which contest it was. Yet, here I am with 3 contest finals under my belt. No wins – not yet. I won’t know if I win until later this year, but finaling is just as good.

2016 Prism Award

PRISM 2016 Finalist

I’m pleased to announce not one, but two contest finals! I received two emails from the RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal chapter announcing that BLOOD SURFER has finaled in two categories: Dark Paranormal and Best First Book. I couldn’t be happier! I only regret I cannot make it to San Diego this year for RWA’s Annual Conference when the winners are announced. Congratulations to all of the finalists! I’ll be adding your books to my reading list.

3D render

2016 Bestsellers’ Best Award


I received a lovely email from the RWA’s Greater Detroit chapter announcing that BLOOD SURFER finaled in their 2016 Bestsellers’ Best Award. What a wonderful way to celebrate Friday the 13th, wouldn’t you say? Of course, this book didn’t come together on it’s own, which is why my editor, Debra Doyle is also honored by the chapter. Unfortunately, I can’t make the awards ceremony in San Diego in July, but I will be there in spirit and I look forward to reading all of the winners later this year.

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