Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last JediI’ve been trying to keep up with Star Wars: Celebration. It’s hard knowing the con is so close and yet, I still couldn’t make it down there this year. Next year, I’m going to try again.

Spoilers for the trailer and some speculation.

The trailer. I’ve watched it and I’m still absorbing. Rey is manipulating the Force? Using a lightsaber – awesome! Is that Leia’s silhouette she see? Finn is still unconscious, poor guy, but not to worry – Poe is racing to pull him out of danger – YES, HE IS DO NOT DENY IT! And, Luke – my man Luke. You are NOT the last Jedi. You can’t be. Look, I know there are issues with The Force Awakens. I’ve tried my hardest to separate my love for the new characters (Rey, Finn, & Poe) with my disappointment in how they ended the relationships of the original trinity, but if Luke is the end of the Jedi, if the writers can’t promise us the Jedi will endure through Rey, then what was the whole point of Star Wars? I want more Jedi, I want Rey to lead them. I want at least Luke to survive, to remember, pass along the history of the original movies. At least give me that much, please.

I have a bad feeling though. My gut is telling me Luke is going to go the way of Obi-Wan. He’s going to battle Kylo, and then lift his saber while Rey watches and let Kylo cut him down. His force ghost will then continue to guide Rey through Ep IX.

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