Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the BeastI’m at Walt Disney World this week for one of the runDisney events. I’ve been trying to write this review for about a week now, but it’s hard when you’re feeling so wishy-washy about a movie. I thought being at WDW would make me feel more warmly toward B&tB, but…

Spoiler Alert – you’ve been warned.

Overall reaction: Meh. It’s one of those movies that so perfectly made that all the life was sucked out of it. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with any of it – the acting, the music, the choreography – all perfect, but there was nothing extra special, nothing to blow me away. I did see the animated feature when it first came out and it made me want to stand up and sing. This one didn’t even though I still can’t really find a flaw with any particular piece of it.

My one real gripe is Gaston. He’s supposed to be “roughly the size of a barge.” Luke Evans – not so much. With all the CGI happening, they couldn’t give Luke a couple of extra muscles? I’m not saying he can’t act or sing, but his intimidation factor was sub-bottom.

The extra touches were nice, especially the scene in Paris with Belle’s mother. Kevin Kline was hardly recognizable as Maurice (not that any of the supporting characters were recognizable until the end – but Maurice was human and stayed that way).

The yellow dress, however, was glorious! Kudos to the costume department. They really outdid themselves with the gown and the jewelry.

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