Trying to read now

TabletI ran into my very first ebook glitch. I just started reading Catalyst, the pre-Rogue One Star Wars. I got to the 11% mark when I flipped the page and jumped from exposition to the middle of dialogue. The location had changed and so had the point of view. Very annoying. Now I’m stuck. I’d put off reading this book until I had finished reading some RWA contest  books and got my scores submitted. I have two more contests on the horizon that I’m going to judge. This was the first book I was able to read just for fun (not that my contest books weren’t fun, but I do have to put some thought into how I’m going to score them – not fun). Now, I’m stuck because I can’t continue until I know how much of the story I’ve missed. I reported the issue the old fashioned way because i’m on an older Kindle Fire and the mechanism for reporting the problem from the Kindle doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to as far as I can tell. Darn it, I want to know what I’m missing and Amazon isn’t responding. Grrrrrr.

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