TV Round-Up

I’m not watching as much television has I have in the past. I just don’t have the time this year. I have more projects due than I can count. I still try to squeeze in some solid TV time when I can, but it’s getting harder and harder.

Form blazing spoilers!

Chopping block:

Legends of Tomorrow. Legends actually fell off my radar halfway through season one, right after the crew got stranded during the 1950s. By that point, Vandal Savage became a boring bully and nothing else. His motives didn’t ramp up the tension for the team. Ray Palmer had turned into a socially inept idiot, and Rip Hunter had become a whiny, sniveling asshole. I still liked Sarah Lance and Leonard Snart, but even they weren’t enough to keep the show interesting.

The Flash. Season three threw this show under the bus with yet another revamping of Harrison Wells. I liked H1, and H2 was okay, but H3 – nope, nope, nope. He’s annoying and predictable. Time to let the character go. Also, enough with messing up history. I get the whole giving Barry some angst with watching his mother die for the third time, but the constant erasing of his relationship with Iris has become repetitive. It doesn’t help that Iris is such a milquetoast character. I liked Earth 2 Iris much better (which means it’s the writing, not the actress.)

Still Watching:

Arrow: Now that they’ve killed Olicity, I can watch the show again without cringing. Felicity is acting like badass Felicity instead of whiny Felicity.  I also like the new crew, though casting Evelyn as the traitor was unexpected, but not disappointing. Of all of the newbies, she was the one who didn’t seem to fit. Love Ragman and Wild Dog, but their story arcs ended too soon. Ragman forgave Felicity a little too quickly for the death of his father. Both Ragman and Wild Dog forgave Oliver for lying to them too quickly. I hope Evelyn comes back and messes with them again. Also, unless they find a way to bring John Diggle back into the fold, they should either kill him or lose him. I like the character, but right now he’s just hanging out there with nothing to bring to the story.

Supernatural: Yep, still hanging on. The show improved tremendously during Season 11, and l like bringing Mary into the mix for Season 12. If only they’d kill the angel storyline already. Castiel and Crowley have played out their story arc. Killing Billie was stupid. She was interesting and I wanted to see her square off with Dean & Sam again. It’s time to get rid of the angels and demons and bring the focus back to monster of the week. I liked the Canadian hunters, and would not object to seeing more of them. Hate the British Men of Letters, but then you’re supposed to. As much as Lady Toni needed a punch to the face, having her disappear and not return is not helping the story arc. We need closure with her. We need to see Sam dish out some justice for what was done to him.

Voltron LDVoltron: Legendary Defender. YES! They did it! The writers made the the second season just as yummy delicious as the first. Keith is Galra! What? No! Yes? Oy. Shiro – they better bring him back! I mean it. If they’re going to kill of anyone, it better be Coran. However, while Keith and Shiro got the bulk of the story arc, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge were left out to dry as comedy relief. This does a tremendous disservice to all of them. We didn’t even get a decent reunion between Hunk and Shay. I’m disappointed that Zarkon is still alive, but OMG Hagar’s calling for Prince Lotor. Squee! I’m counting down to season 3!

Will Watch Soon:

Iron Fist


Emerald City

Emerald City

I probably won’t be able to watch any of these until this summer. Time is not on my side. Not if I want to get Blood Hunter finished 🙂

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