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This is not a top five list. These aren’t necessarily my favorite songs. I almost never listen to music while writing. I listen while I’m walking around the neighborhood while thinking about my story. So, in no particular order:

In the End – Linkin Park. I figured out the ending to Blood Hunter listening to this one. It’s a mind-blowing ending, if I do say so myself. I had the particular scene planned out perfectly. I knew where Hannah was, I knew where Scott was, and I knew where the antagonist would end up. It was perfect. I don’t know why I started thinking about this scene while listening to this song, but I had it down pat. Then I replayed the scene with two characters reversed. I damn near fainted at the result. If I thought it was perfect before, it’s brilliant now. A shiny new ending that made me want to rub my hands to together and squeal with glee.

In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel. I tend to listen to the eleven minute concert performance instead of the album cut. I spend a lot of time describing people’s eyes. Scott’s gray eyes play a part in Blood Hunter. Hannah’s green eyes can be seen while she’s bloodsurfing. Folks tease Nik because he has the same eye color as Thomas, who he’s not biologically related to instead of the brown of his father. Dani’s lavender eyes are the only recognizable part of her that stays the same when she shifts.

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon. Sheer co-incidence, but this song was popular while I was writing the dance club scene in A Secret Rose. No big reveal here, but it helped to have the beat in background to give me the rhythm of Dani and Nik’s banter.

In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins. When I originally wrote the beginning of Blood Surfer, I only had an impression of what I wanted to happen. I had Scott (and he wasn’t even named at that point) falling out of the helicopter at night, his body in shadow from Hannah’s point-of-view against a bright, full moon. It would have looked great for a music vid or a movie with this song in the background, but not for a book. So, I changed the time of day and the point of view, but kept the song.

under-pressureUnder Pressure – Queen & David Bowie. My go to song for when I’m under self-imposed writing deadlines. I need deadlines, even if I blow them. Freddie & David make everything that hurts feel much better.

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    1. I also get my best ideas when I’m not in a position to write them down: when I’m out walking, or when I’m in the shower, or when I’m in the middle of cooking and can’t step away from the stove. It’s annoying.

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