Going Offline for a while

backlit-keyboardIn a tradition dating back to 2003, I will be mostly offline this next week. It’s my writing blitz week. I take the phone off the hook, lock the doors, sit at my desk, and write until my fingertips bleed. My refrigerator is stuffed with pre-made meals so I don’t even have to cook. No TV at all. I might sneak out of the house to walk around the neighborhood and get the blood circulating a couple of times, but beyond that, I’m housebound. I’ll even disconnect from the internet to avoid social media (though I can’t promise I won’t sneak on once in awhile. I might even post my daily word counts, if the mood strikes). Until New Year’s Eve though, no one will even know I exist. Any posts you see on this blog were written last week and scheduled, so I apologize if you post a comment and I don’t respond right away. Now, off to write!

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