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Humans often look to the stars to see other worlds, but if you look around, you can find other worlds right here on Earth. Welcome to Thunder City, where Superheroes live, work, play, and fall in love. While visiting, you can take a romantic stroll on the boardwalk along beautiful Mystic Bay…

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You can watch the sun rise over the water…

Still Life

Or watch the boats sail up the river…

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Wherever you travel, rest assured Thunder City’s Superheroes will always be there to keep you and your loved ones safe…


If trouble should find you, not to worry, Thunder City trains its Superheroes to handle anything.

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27 thoughts on “SFRB Summer Blog Hop”

    1. A Secret Rose is available now for Kindle, Kobo, iPad, and Nook. It’s a novella, not a direct sequel, but it does take place after Blood Surfer. I’m writing the sequel as we speak.

    1. I adore Carrie Vaughn. I’ll read anything she writes. After the Golden Age is one of my favorite books. If she hadn’t written that one, I don’t know that I would have published Blood Surfer because I didn’t believe that there was a market for superhero novels. She proved there is a market and I couldn’t be happier.

    1. I think you’re right. The covers were designed by Deranged Doctor Design. I love their work and they are very affordable.

  1. Where is Thunder City located? Is it in the Americas? Do superheroes congregate there from all over? It could be a very multicultural city…very cool.

    1. Hi Lee. Thunder City is located in North America, but I don’t give a specific location. I want the readers to imagine Thunder City as their city, a city they would feel comfortable living in or visiting. It does snow in the winter (like you see in Valley of the Blind), but there’s also Mystic Bay, similar to San Francisco Bay. Thunder City does attract alternative humans from all over the world because it is a safer place for altnerative humans to live and work, but some Alts want to export Thunder City’s civil rights to other cities, like Star Haven. That is a much larger story that I might tell in more detail after I have finished Scott and Hannah’s story. You can think of the Thunder City and Star Haven series like D.C. Comics cities: Metropolis, Gotham, Star City, Central City, etc.

      1. Awesome! I guess I think that the ‘tudes of superheroes of NYC would differ a lot from those in LA, and now I’m curious about Mystic Bay: there are some wacky aspects to the area that I want to see how superheroes deal with.

    1. Sweet of you to say so. It was both fun and challenging. I’m looking forward to writing more in this universe.

    1. Not exactly hidden. Thunder City can be found on any map by anyone. It’s just not one you would find in our world, only in my stories.

    1. Hi James,

      The short stories take place before Blood Surfer. They don’t necessarily have to be read in order, but Valley of the Blind takes place 6 months before Blood Surfer, Slow Burn about 3 months before, and Still Life 1 month before. A Secret Rose takes place immediately after Blood Surfer. Enjoy!

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