Book Obsessed Babes Recap

Photo Credit-Charlee Allden

This blog post sort of got buried under all of the activity surrounding the release of Still Life. With Still Life in the wild, I can talk about what a wonderful time I had at this event. Though only one day, if you don’t count the author reception the night before, I met so many passionate authors and readers I can’t even count the number on my fingers and toes.

My My roommate for the event, Charlee Allden, was there to show off her books: Deadly Lover and Stealing Mercury.

I shared a table with historical romance author, Madeline Martin (who showed me the proper way to eat avocados – I now keep avocados in my fridge for snacking). She’s the author of Scottish historical romances such as Enchantment of a Highlander.

Marie Long seems to be following me from event to event. This was what? the fourth event we’ve had together? She writes the contemporary, new adult books Scarred, Scratched, and Scorned.

And then there was Abigail Sharpe. Abigail was a volunteer at the event and not there to sell her books (not that this should stop you from buying Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy or Who Wants to Marry a Doctor). Instead of standing in the corner and waiting for me to flag her down and beg for a glass of water, she picked up a stack of Blood Surfers and handed them out to everyone who crossed her path (I was giving my books away for free this weekend). Seriously, Abigail knows how to sell. Don’t get in her way, don’t try and stop her.

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