Blood Surfer – Today is Release Day!

After ten years of writing, editing,  pitching and querying, I am excited (and nervous) to take this leap into self-publishing. Only other authors can truly understand all of the emotions that come with Release Day.

To those who have accompanied me on my journey to publication, thank you. To the new friends, fans and readers I hope to connect with by telling my stories, I hope all of you enjoy this grand adventure with me.

Here’s an excerpt from Blood Surfer to give you a taste of what’s in store for Hannah Quinn and Scott Grey- enjoy!


A van pulled into the parking lot of the Pier, tires crunching gravel. An entire TV camera crew spilled onto the walkway and headed right in their direction.

“Put your hood back on.” Scott capped the beer bottle. Keeping his body between Hannah and the news crew, he tucked her under the crook of his harm. He should have figured one of the news channels would have set up shop here. He’d been out of Thunder City for so long, he’d forgotten how often the media filmed the boardwalk from this angle.

Hannah’s breath tickled his neck. There was nothing they could do but wait. If the crew passed behind them and set up closer to the point of the Pier, he could get Hannah back to the car with no one the wiser.

The TV crew didn’t get his telepathic message. Instead, they set up their equipment not ten feet from where he and Hannah sat.

“Now what? Should we move further toward the end?” she whispered.

“We could be here all night if we do that.” His pulse raced with the thought. Quiet, dark, and alone with Hannah curled against him.

The bright light from the camera crew arced their way. Hannah flinched closer, her hands snaking around his waist.

“Relax,” he said. “If we stay put, they’ll ignore us. Making out on the Pier is hardly news.”

The reporter started her spiel, how the Star Haven Alts came to Thunder City before they organized and decided to fight for the right to live in Star Haven. The camera light swung their way twice as she talked, but Scott didn’t dare raise his head.

“Should we?” Hannah whispered.

“Should we what?”

“Make out.”

Good thing he’d put down his beer. “That’s a joke, right?”

She shrugged, her shoulders rubbing against his chest. “Just thought we should make it look good. I promise  —  no bloodsurfing.”

His reaction had sounded far more harsh than he had intended. “The plan is to stay off camera, not attract their attention.”

“If you insist.” She tucked her chin onto his chest.

Never let it be said impulsiveness wasn’t also a family trait.


She tilted her head back just as Scott lowered his to place the most gentle kiss he could manage on her lips.

“Oh…” She didn’t say anything further. Instead, she slipped her arm around his neck and pulled his head down toward hers. His plan to keep it slow and short flew across the Bay with the breeze. He slid his arm down from her shoulders to her waist.

“I think we should move,” he said, when she pulled back to catch her breath.

“Good idea.”

They stood up, pressed together since neither of them was willing to let go of the other. She giggled.

“Do you want me to pick you up again?” he asked.

“That would be romantic.”

He curled his left arm around her legs. In the next instant, without warning, a familiar series of staccato pops erupted. One instinct overrode another. He shoved Hannah to the ground and covered her body with his.

“Ow, Scott, not so fast…”

“Gunfire. Stay down.”


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